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An industry at an inflection point

The world of electricity is moving into a time of unprecedented change.
The cost of renewables across the board, and offshore wind in particular, continue to plummet. The flexible technologies that allow variable energy sources to be seamlessly integrated into the grid are rapidly maturing, led by battery storage.
All while the utility sector prepares for a wave of digitisation, with the smart meter programme merely the starter. With these trends all converging, we are set to see a “phase change” in the power sector, as the model of centralised generation established in the early 20th century transforms into the 21st century’s decentralised system.

Meeting Industry’s Needs

Investors in this space need strategic advice from those who have knowledge which is both broad enough to encompass all the moving parts in the sector while also deep enough to know which aspects are the most important at any one time.

Inflection Point Energy Consulting has been set up to provide such a viewpoint, based on the experience of Dr Gordon Edge, a unique and eminent voice in the industry.

The Inflection Point Energy Mission

Inflection Point Energy Consulting exists to help its clients understand the rapidly changing world of electricity. Bringing decades of experience of navigating the boundaries between Government policy and the power industry, Inflection Point Energy Consulting adds value by ensuring that opportunities are highlighted and barriers identified early. Clients will benefit from cutting-edge knowledge of the sector at a competitive price.

The Right Experience

Across a career analysing the energy industry, but particularly in the 13 years employed by
RenewableUK, Dr Edge has developed market-leading knowledge and skills across a number of
relevant areas:

  • Deep knowledge across the whole value chain for renewable generating technologies, most notably for the entire lifecycle of offshore wind, from leasing and development of sites, technological and supply chain innovation, procurement and construction, and right through to the operation phase.
  • Thorough understanding of the policy framework supporting renewable power generation in the UK through being the industry’s lead policy coordinator for many years, including during the Electricity Market Reform process that led to the creation of the Contract for Difference.
  • Great insight into the market conditions and regulatory environment that renewable projects have to operate in, with close involvement in grid connection and charging processes, and trading in both the energy and balancing markets.
  • An extensive network of contacts across the renewable energy sector and its supporting sectors such as law and finance.

Dr Gordon Edge


The Right Offer


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